Skråstag Bridge aligned at line D | Illustration: Multiconsult


Connecting bow bridge at line E | Ill.: Multiconsult

Hwy. 22 Crossing Glomma

Feasibility study

Hwy. 22 is a very important east-west regional transport route in the border between

urban and rural northeast of Oslo. There have been capacity problems on Hwy. 22 between Fetsund bridge and Lillestrom many years. A solution with four lane road from Lillestrom and over Glomma at Fetsund will solve this problem.

The study Multiconsult has done has looked at various routes and bridge solutions

to cross the river Glomma. The study included 17 different corridors. Overall it is viewed 8 bridge crossings and two tunnel crossings. To each of the bridge crossings it was shown two alternative solutions. The bridge solutions are ranging from girder bridges, truss, bracing bridges, connecting bow bridges and suspension bridges.

Scope of work

The purpose of the study was to find good traffic engineering and efficient bridge solutions to cross Glomma.

The corridor assessments have been made of traffic and traffic management for both local traffic and through traffic.

For the corridors are also properties and arable land that will be affected considered. For the brige solutions it is considered type, foundation conditions, aesthetics, conflict with conservation heritage along Glomma, construction methods, operating and investment costs and allow for a phased development.

Our services

  • Bridge planning
  • Establishment of the road alignment
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Risk assessment
  • Sketch Projects of bridge alternatives
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