Multiconsult Samferdsel Vei E6 Sluppen Savne

Aerial photo of the plan area. The Nidelv river and the Osloveien road with heavy traffic along the latter | Aerial photo: Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

Hwy. 706 Sluppen – Stavne

National highway | Local authority subplan with impact assessment

Trondheim is acquiring a new main ring road. The final section awaiting planning permission is the Osloveien road from Sluppen to Stavne, with a new Sluppen Bridge and conversion of the Sluppen intersection. Multiconsult has drawn up five alternative road routes, which have been subject to impact assessments in accordance with Handbook 140 for priced and unpriced aspects. The results have been integrated in a socio-economic analysis. Six subject reports have been produced.

A proposed road route has been presented in cooperation with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the City of Trondheim. This calls for a three-lane Osloveien, a four-lane Sluppen Bridge and minor conversion work at the Sluppen intersection. A simple map has been prepared to show the chosen option and road types.

Scope of work

Multiconsult has designed the road and intersection geometry and calculated gradient effects for six alternative solutions, including the chosen route. A cross-disciplinary team was established to conduct the impact assessment, embracing a number of disciplines with the expertise to assess all priced and unpriced aspects. Multiconsult provided support in choosing between the alternatives, and prepared illustrative maps for all the options.

Our services

  • Contract management
  • Design of road and traffic areas
  • Participation in developing traffic assessment models and in implementing calculations
  • Assessment of priced impacts, effects
  • Assessment of unpriced impacts
  • Integration of socio-economic analyses and assessment of goal attainment