Multiconsult Samferdsel Vei Bru Øvre Sund Bru


Upper Sund Bridge as seen from Grønland | Photo: Peter Aasen


UpperSund Bridge | Photo: Peter Aasen

Multiconsult Samferdsel Vei Bru Øvre Sund Bru


3D model | Ill.: Peter Aasen

Upper Sund Bridge

Bridge over the Drammen River

Multiconsult was part of the winning team, with BFS Arkitekter (now Nuno Arkitektur), in the architectural competition for the Øvre Sund Bridge.

Multiconsult has subsequently been responsible for preliminary design, the construction plan and supervision of the building phase for all technical disciplines in the project.

This structure is a plate girder bridge in concrete with five spans and a total length of 150 metres, with large abutments on land at both ends. In addition to four traffic lanes, the bridge has a projecting steel pedestrian and cycle lane on one side (width 5.5 metres).

The columns are built in concrete with a boat-shaped cross-section to minimise water resistance, topped by a Y-shaped section with inclined steel pillars.

Detailed calculations have been conducted for water flow, river profile and column shape to avoid any increase to the water level in the river

Very poor ground conditions meant that light materials have been replaced in both landfall areas to secure the stability of the river bank. Foundations comprise steel tube piles to moraine.

The abutment structures and piers are founded on concrete piles to moraine. The total length of the facility, between roundabouts on each side of the river, is 400 metres. Design work has been cross-disciplinary, involving all disciplines.

Scope of work

The assignment has comprised the following

  • Construction analysis of the bridge
  • Geotechnical planning
  • Landscape adaptations
  • Road design
  • Design of water and drainage facilities
  • Lighting calculations
  • Hydrological analyses

Our services

  • Architectural competition
  • Conceptual study
  • Illustration plan
  • Preliminary design of the bridge
  • Construction plan
  • Tender documents
  • Supervision in construction period