Orders of protection | Photo: T. Wedervang

E39 Øksland tunnel

Engineering geology supervision

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is repairing two sections of the E39 through Gaular Municipality in Sogn & Fjordane. Between Drægebø and Grytås, approximately 5 km of above-ground road and the 760 m long Øksland tunnel will replace the existing narrow road, which is exposed to rockfall hazards and has a low bearing capacity. A bit further north, between Birkeland and Sande north, an approximately 3 km long bypass will be built around Sande. The project also includes a new bridge over the River Gaula at Sandefossen.

Scope of work

Two of Multiconsult’s engineering geologists have been based on site for the duration of the approximately five-month long tunnel-driving period, as a part of the client’s team of consultant engineers. As well as working on the tunnel itself, they have also looked at the need for rockfall protection in a high cutting in a different area.

Our services

  • Geological inspection from aerial work platform
  • Supervising rock support in tunnel
  • Securing a cutting
  • As built documentation