Existing road to Åmot from West | Foto: Multiconsult


Foto: Multiconsult

E134 Åmot – Vinjesvingen

Planning programme

Preparing an comprehensive planning programme for a new route for a trunk road along Lake Vinjevatn, including evaluating the current route and three variations on it.
The project looked at a total of three alternative routes on both sides of Vinjevatn.
The project is primarily a transportation project, designed to enable better connections and improve the standard of the E134 highway. Similar upgrades are taking place along many parts of the E134.

Scope of work

Regular project meetings were held with Vinje Municipality and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
There was also an open public meeting where people could express their views.
The project has also been supervised by a working group consisting of representatives of the political and administrative authorities in the municipality, as well as of the county council, stakeholder groups and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Our services

  • Preparing a planning programme
  • Proposing routes for roads
  • Cost calculations
  • Geotechnical consultancy