Transportation | Photo: Jo Michael

Samferdsel Vei Bro 1390 x 576


Bridge Sketch | Ill: Multiconsult

Strømsø Torg, Drammen. Foto: Torbjørn Tandberg


Strømsø Square, Drammen | Photo: Torbjørn Tandberg

Multiconsult Samferdsel Skatepark Drammen Bruparken


Skate Park in Bruparken Drammen | Photo: Eivind Schou


Upper Sund bridge as seen from Greenland | Photo: Peter Aasen


Multiconsult is keen to be involved in developing a society which takes sustainability into account while simultaneously creating assets. We are therefore involved with all types of infrastructure and urban development measures.
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12. December 2016

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25. July 2016

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20. January 2016

Good transport opportunities are decisive for economic development and a well-functioning society. At the same time our society is undergoing major changes; our cities are growing and becoming increasingly more complex and we have higher expectations about having good, functional traffic systems, while at the same time we are trying to minimise the impact of such on the environment and climate.

Transportation are challenged by our most topical social issues! Having an effective infrastructure provides the actual basis for a well-functioning city in the sustainable society of tomorrow.

Good solutions demand extensive knowledge of all technical disciplines such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, traffic systems, market squares and other open spaces. At the same time they demand an insight into society’s general requirements and the dynamics of social development on the one hand and being able to organize and implement complex projects on the other.

Our consultants therefore cover all aspects of consultancy and advicing during the concept and development phase and throughout a project by providing planning and project design services, as well as following up during the construction period, for both large and small projects. Multiconsult has considerable specialist resources ranging from recognised specialist expertise to general services. Multiconsult operates in close proximity to its customers in all regions of Norway. Apart from technology, some of the most important ingredients of our business are ethics, humanism and sustainability.

The ground is unique. No two places are exactly the same – and there are a wide range of specialist challenges. The knowledge we possess covers all essential specialist disciplines thanks to our road and rail engineers, landscape architects, water engineers, town planners, geologists, geotechnicians and designers, etc.

We always aim to develop our services. The key to our success is the interplay that exists between us and our customers and any other parties involved, as well as our understanding of what boosts our customers’ assets and our competent, enthusiastic employees. Multiconsult therefore places emphasis on the development of expertise and technology. We strive to ensure that both specialists and non-specialists, young and old, can work together on projects. We think that this is a key aspect in the development of our methodology and expertise.