Foto: Forsvarsbygg


F-35 Lightning II | Photo: Forsvarsbygg

Ørlandet Flystasjon | Foto: Statkraft


Ørlandet Fighter air base | Photo: Statkraft

Fighter air base

Planning and design – Ørland. This assignment covers advisory services for integrated planning of the main base at Ørland and an advanced base at Evenes as well as building plans.

The new fighter base at Ørland comprises planning and design work. An air base is to be established which can accept and operate Norway’s new F-35 Lightning II fighters. Design work includes substantial areas of new buildings with associated infrastructure. The first jets to be used in Norway are due for delivery in 2017. One objective is to cause minimum inconvenience to the local population and activity at the air base.

A consortium known as the ALM group, comprising Multiconsult, Asplan Viak AS and LPO Arkitekter, has been established to carry out the planning and design work.

Scope of work

  • Outline project
  • Preliminary project
  • Detail design (option)
  • Tender drawings (option)
  • Tender documents (option)

Our services

  • Design