Sidespenn akse 9-19 | Foto: Semko Majidian, Multiconsult

Tresfjord Bridge opened

It took 20 years to plan Tresfjord Bridge, but on Saturday October 24th the Prime Minister finally opened it.

20. January 2016

Shorter journey from Ålesund to Åndalsnes

Tresfjord Bridge is Norway’s biggest concrete bridge, and the country’s sixth longest bridge overall. It is part of the project “E136 Tresfjord Bridge and Vågstrand tunnel”, which will shorten the journey between Ålesund and Åndalsnes by 13 km. The fjord is crossed by a 1,290 m long bridge and an 800 m long causeway, between Vikebukt and Remmem. The total cost of the bridge and road is approximately NOK 1 billion.

“The bridge, which is 1290 metres long, was designed by Multiconsult. The company was also responsible for the concept design, project plan and supervision during the construction phase (2010-2015),” says Lars Toverud, a senior bridge engineer at Multiconsult.

Technical data for Tresfjord Bridge

The spans of the selected design are as follows: L=50+5X60+90+160+90+10X60=1290 m. The clearance is 32 m and the width is 60 m. The piers for the bridge consist of steel core piles for piers 0, 1 and 19, bedrock for piers 2 and 3, ø1,200 steel pipe piles for piers 4-6 and 9-18, a caisson on bedrock for pier 7 and a caisson on soil for pier 8.

The side span superstructures have a rectangular cross-section with a constant height of 3.0 m, while the overhanging part has a cross-section that varies between 3.0 m and 9.0 m. The total width of the bridge is 13.5 m, consisting of two 4.5 m carriageways and a 3.0 m foot/cycle path. The side spans are built in sections over formwork travellers, while each cantilever has its own traveller.