Participating in the project to build Europe’s longest busway

Multiconsult is making good progress on its stretch of the busway through Stavanger city centre. In August the project management team cycled out to inspect what will become part of Europe’s longest busway.

12. October 2016

Record-breaking project

Just before the summer, Multiconsult was awarded the Haugåsveien – Stavanger city centre – Sundekrossen stretch of the busway project, one of the biggest public transport projects in the region.

Meanwhile, Multiconsult has already made good progress on what has been described as the most complex stretch of the busway, from Stasjonsveien to Gauselvågen. Work on that subproject started before summer 2015. Multiconsult recently delivered a comprehensive technical report, which looked at the different options for crossing the railway in an area with complex ground conditions. Now a draft zoning plan has been drawn up as the project moves ahead.

Several regional offices working together

Multiconsult is responsible for drawing up zoning plans for a stretch of over 10 kilometres from Hillevåg to Stavanger city centre and on to Sundekrossen. Several of our offices are working closely together and interdisciplinary collaboration will also be vital to the success of the project.


Electric bikes replace cars for site visit

On Thursday 18 August the project management team went on a site visit. Bent Stensaker (project manager), Guri Miljeteig, Arnulf Østerdal and Aslaug Aalen represented our Western Norway office, while Matthias Hundt, Espen Eek and Kari Medby Loland attended from our South-Western Norway office.

“Normally we do site visits on foot or by car. It is often difficult to find suitable places to park, so we decided to take a totally different approach this time: we visited the site on electric bikes. They are a flexible, green and practical mode of transport for this kind of visit and consistent with our strategic aim of being environmentally friendly in everything we do,” explains the project director Matthias Hundt.

The electric bikes, which were hired from, had electric motors that made a big difference over the first 15 kilometres. The final stretch was slightly tougher going than planned, but the beautiful path at Madlasandnes provided a motivational boost. In total the site visit covered 20 kilometres, and with the sun staying out all afternoon it was a great success.