Deichman library | Photo: Thomas Haugersveen


New coastal museum| Photo: Nordfra.no /Kolbjørn Hoseth Larssen

Frølageret Svalbard BE Bygg og eiendom


The seed vault, Svalbard | Photo: Jaro Hollan

Midtstubakken bygg og eiendom idrettsanlegg


Midtstubakken ski jump, Holmenkollen | Photo: Bo Mathisen


Viking Age museum | Ill.: AART architects

Buildings & Properties

Multiconsult has been providing multidisciplinary consultancy services to building clients for over 100 years, focusing on social responsibility, creating assets, integral solutions and the environment.
Listed building becomes modern and eco-friendly

In the city of Drammen, a listed building from 1962 is made eco-friendly by reducing its…

24. February 2020

LINK arkitektur wins major school project in Fredrikstad

LINK arkitektur, in collaboration with Multiconsult and Griff arkitektur as subcontractors, has won a major contract…

29. October 2019

Kirsten Anker Sørensen appointed new Executive Vice President Architecture

Kirsten Anker Sørensen has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LINK arkitektur and at the…

28. October 2019

New psychiatric hospital opened

In mid-May the new 12 000 m2 psychiatric hospital in Vestfold in Norway was opened.

25. June 2019

Haddadi obtains PhD in value creation in construction projects

On Friday April 5th, Amin Haddadi defended his PhD thesis at the Norwegian University of Science…

24. April 2019

Thinking green in our business

In 2018, Multiconsult worked to establish strategic sustainability goals. Various parts of the organisation looked into…

5. April 2019

Multiconsult possesses extensive experience and top expertise in respect of planning all types of buildings. We provide our customers with advice and planning throughout the lifespan of a building project. Our expertise has been developed in close cooperation with our customers, the authorities, developers, architects, contractors and joint venture partners.

Social responsibilities and integral solutions

With the help of our strategic joint venture partners, Analyse&Strategi and LINK arkitektur, we conduct consequences analyses, draw up development plans, undertake project development, engage in life cycle planning and become involved in the sustainable development of individual building projects. In order to ensure the optimal, effective transfer of information between all the parties involved in a building project, we use Building Information Modelling (BIM) for our work. Statsbygg has pioneered this in Norway and all Statsbygg projects call for the use of BIM. We have been involved in these BIM developments and are continuing to develop the methods being used for several of Norway’s most prestigious and flagship buildings, thus helping to ensure buildability, progress and cost control. We are a driving force behind innovation and cooperation throughout the value chain, in line with the Government’s plans to promote knowledge in the building industry.

Environmentally viable solutions

Multiconsult is a national leader in respect of energy consumption and building physics and participates in “Zero Emission Buildings”, Norway’s largest research centre for environment-friendly buildings. We have been the only consulting company to help the NVE (the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) to develop its energy labelling scheme which was introduced in 2010. We have also played a key role in the development of BREEAM-NOR, the Norwegian adaptation of the world’s oldest and Europe’s leading environmental classification system for project design, construction, operation and use, and we are thus a prime motor in this specialist field.

Existing buildings and building management

Multiconsult has developed unique, top expertise in respect of listed buildings, existing buildings and building management. We focus on sustainable and long-term solutions. We draw up plans for future operations, maintenance and development, right from the initial stage – this is what we call life cycle planning.