Grethe Bergly, CEO at Multiconsult | Photo: Erik Burås / Studio B13

Thinking green in our business

In 2018, Multiconsult worked to establish strategic sustainability goals. Various parts of the organisation looked into how sustainability can be integrated in daily business and used to develop the company.

5. April 2019

“In 2018 we have worked actively to integrate important sustainability aspects into all our consultancy work within the Building and Property business area. The work to cover all our business areas is also progressing according to plans”, says CEO of Multiconsult, Grethe Bergly.

Sustainable development forms one of the key elements in the group’s strategy and is a pillar in the company culture and day-to-day business.

Sustainability issues, such as business ethics and the environment, are integrated into Multiconsult’s training programmes to ensure that employees actively engage in how the company can become an active contributor in shaping a sustainable society.

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