Amin Haddadi obtains a PhD

Haddadi obtains PhD in value creation in construction projects

On Friday April 5th, Amin Haddadi defended his PhD thesis at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His thesis examines how focus on long term value creation can contribute to success in construction projects.

24. April 2019

“My research looks at what creates value in construction projects, particularly for two of the main stakeholders, owners and users. One of the important questions I looked at was how to introduce this focus into the concept and design phase of construction projects, and then maintain it throughout the project”, says Amin Haddadi, who works as a consulting engineer at Multiconsult.

The main objective of his PhD was to understand how value should be considered from the perspective of owner and user, what creates value and how to enhance value creation in construction projects. One important question was how this kind of information can be integrated into the project management process so that the result is sustainable and creates value.

“I’m very happy to have come up with a good definition of value creation in the construction industry through my research. The term is widely used, but there is not always an understanding of what it implies. One of my most important criteria for success was to build bridges between the research community and the industry, and to make my results available for practical implementation”, explains Amin Haddadi.

Funding for the research
Haddadi took an industrial PhD, which involves the Research Council of Norway providing a grant to the company to finance work on the PhD, in order that the student can carry out research while remaining an employee. One of the goals of the industrial PhD program is to promote the recruitment of researchers from the world of business.

“Amin Haddadi has done some very detailed and exciting research into value creation in construction projects. We are proud that he has completed his PhD, and that he will now be able to bring his knowledge and experience into his work as a consulting engineer at Multiconsult. His expertise is unique, and it will enable us to give very precise and specific advice on how our customers can successfully create value”, says Evy Jakobsen, Director at Multiconsult.

Amin Haddadi did his research at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NTNU, and he defended his PhD thesis on April 5 th. He holds a master of technology degree in civil and environmental engineering and works as a consulting engineer in strategic property management at Multiconsult. In addition to his work as an engineer at Multiconsult, Haddadi plans to do some lecturing, teaching and research at NTNU and Oslo Metropolitan University.