Gjøvik Olympic hall, fjellhallen, bygg og eiendom, multiconsult

The mountain hall | Photo: Gjøvik Olympic hall

Gjøvik Olympic Hall

Hockey rink

Gjøvik Olympic Mountain Hall was built for the Olympic Winter Games in 1994. It was used as ice hockey rink, and can take 5300 spectators. It was the world’s largest public hall in rock with a width of 61 m, length 91 m, and height 25 m. A total of 140.000 m3 of rock was excavated.

Blasting and supporting works were completed in nine months, and the whole construction period was two years. The inauguration ceremony took place in May 1993.

After the Olympic Games, the hall has been converted to a multipurpose civic hall that besides sporting activities like ice hockey and handball also is used for other arrangements like exhibitions and concerts.

Scope of work

The site investigations comprised core drillings, seismic surveys, tomography, rock stress measurements, and numerical analyses in order to predict deformations in the cavern roof during excavation. Deformations where monitored with great accuracy and corresponded well to those predicted.

Our services

  • Geological investigations
  • Rock mechanical analyses
  • Rock engineering design
  • Construction supervision of blasting and supporting works
  • Investigations coordinated with a comprehensive research programme within rock engineering disciplines