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River basin management

Multiconsult has deep and broad expertise in water resource and river basin management.

Our interdisciplinary teams of specialists in water management, environment and engineering enable us to develop sustainable solutions for the future.

The company’s specialists are constantly working on a wide range of issues such as flood and erosion control, environmental flows, reservoir and operation rules, environmental mitigation and improvement measures, fish passages, intake systems and the restoration of dams, river stretches and river systems.

We develop hydrological, hydraulic and water resources models often in combination with freshwater ecology as well as landscape and societal analyses. Having a broad range of expertise is vital when planning and implementing river-related projects. Our biologists, hydrologists, landscape architects and hydropower engineers work closely together to develop approaches, methods and modelling tools that optimise the balance between environmental protection measures and power generation.

Multiconsult can assist with all stages of licence reviews. Thanks to our extensive experience in planning processes and investigations, as well as our interdisciplinary expertise, we can offer services to cover all aspects of the review processes. Considering reviews within a wider context allows them to be smoothly coordinated with upgrades and expansions to existing projects as well as with any management plans and environmental measures (in accordance with the water regulations).

Typical services:

  • Power generation estimates and hydrological data
  • Drainage basin analysis, hydrological modelling
  • Hydrological field work and hydrometrics, including installing monitoring stations
  • Flood hazard mapping and reservoir routing
  • Flood and erosion control
  • Sediment analysis and sediment management
  • Freshwater surveys and fish surveys
  • Consultancy in conjunction with reviews of licence terms
  • Advice on minimum environmental flows
  • River restoration and biotope improvement
  • Environmentally friendly design and mitigation in river systems
  • Integration of review processes with the water regulations and overall river system management
  • Water quality and environmental monitoring and analysis