Crossing point on Shire River | Photo: Multiconsult


Consultation at landing site for fish | Photo: Multiconsult

Mpatamanga Hydropower Project

Hydraulic Study and Environmental Flows Assessment

The Government of Malawi is developing the 309 MW Mpatamanga Hydroelectric Project (HPP). The project is located on the Shire River about 40 km West of Blantyre, downstream of Lake Malawi. Mpatamanga HPP is designed as a daily storage plant, capable to be operated as a peaking plant with a baseload energy component.

Scope of work

Multiconsult will assess different peaking operations, as well as the cumulative impacts of other existing and planned projects (hydro and irrigation), to arrive at an acceptable downstream flow regime.

Our services

  • Existing data collection and review
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Aquatic biodiversity survey
  • Hydrological analysis
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • EFlows assessment and scenario development
  • Rapid screening of socioeconomic aspects