Bærum is Norway’s most forward-looking urban municipality

Bærum is the most forward-looking urban municipality in Norway, according to an index produced by Multiconsult. Sola and Stavanger complete the podium.


Ambitious research project on flexible hydropower in future energy systems

The research and development project HydroFlex, in which Multiconsult participates as the only consulting engineering firm, receives support from the EU Horizon 2020 research…


Important contract for the Polish Railwaylines

Multiconsult has won a contract for the design of 62 km of the C-E 65 railway line in Poland, on the section Zdunska Wola…


Nikolai Astup visits Multiconsult projects in Tanzania

Multiconsult accompanied the Norwegian Minister of International Development, Mr. Nikolai Astrup, on his visit to two projects in Tanzania on November 29th. They promote…


Awarded electric power contract in Tanzania

Multiconsult has signed a four-year framework agreement with the Norwegian embassy in Dar es Salaam on consultancy services related to renewable energy and electricity…