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New demands + New tools = New methods

Stricter requirements for communication between the parties involved in building projects and with the authorities and third parties entail challenges for everyone. Multiconsult is meeting this challenge by adopting new tools and methods.

20. June 2014

Attention to landscape and environment are key factors when planning and developing renewable energy in Norway. There are high requirements for impact assessment and landscape modifications. Early involvement of environmental expertise provides sustainable and cost efficient projects.

Decent visualisation models have on several occasions proven to be important tools when communicating with authorities and third parties. For these reasons, Multiconsult has adopted market-leading tools for 3Dmodeling, visualisation and photo manipulation.

Increasingly demanding constructions, several stakeholders, added time pressure and higher demand for efficiency from all parties, has resulted in the usage of 3D modelling in most of Multiconsult’ s projects. The use of 3D-modeling in projects provides all parties involved with a good overview of the final product at an early stage in the project phase, and allows for continuous exploration of the many aspects of the design. This contributes to a more streamlined production process, greater accuracy and predictable planning.

Multiconsult has developed an implementation model for both small and large scale hydropower projects. In this model we have defined the needs and level of details needed in the communication and information flow between the range of expertise, and between clients, contractors, suppliers and designers.