Cooperation agreement with ZERO

Multiconsult has signed a cooperation agreement with the climate group ZERO. The company will support ZERO’s work relating to emission-free climate technology by providing consultants and funding.

11. October 2013

The cooperation agreement covers the period 2013-2016 and involves Multiconsult supporting ZERO’s work with emission-free climate technology. The engineering company also assists with consultants and subject experts, as well as free-of-charge meeting facilities.

– Multiconsult and ZERO have a common interest in a number of areas where energy efficiency and reductions in emissions are common features. By working together, we will be able to increase our focus in fields such as solar energy, climate-friendly transport, construction of renewables in developing countries, and the electrification of petroleum activities using renewable energy, says Guri Lindmark, Environment Manager at Multiconsult.

Close cooperation over several years

ZERO is working to limit climate change through technological solutions that reduce emissions within sectors such as petroleum, energy production, industry, transport, construction, and agriculture. Multiconsult has already worked together closely with the environmental organisation for several years, including in connection with the ZERO Conference.

– We’ve stated in the agreement that we will continue to sponsor the annual ZERO Conference – a highlight of the conference scene, which focuses on a low-emission society and has the objective of inspiring definitive climate action,” says Lindmark.

Professional expertise is crucial for achieving climate targets

Multiconsult has high ambitions for energy-efficient solutions in its projects, and has planned projects for several environmentally friendly buildings. ZERO is pleased to have entered into a cooperation agreement with the company.

– Both Multiconsult and ZERO are working consciously to promote technology and solutions that help to address climate challenges. New technology and specialist expertise are crucial to achieving necessary climate and emission targets. We are incredibly pleased with the cooperation agreement with Multiconsult, which gives us access to some of Norway’s foremost experts within solar energy and climate-friendly transport, for example, says Marius Holm, General Manager of ZERO.