Unique understanding of the condition of health service buildings

The digital tool multiMap is helping Norwegian health authorities to establish the condition of their own stock of buildings. The findings have been key inputs to the report “State of the Nation”.

10. April 2015

Giving regional health authorities unique insight

All of the regional health authorities in Norway use multiMap for general assessments of the technical condition of their buildings. In total this represents around five million square metres of floor space.

– By assessing the condition of the stock of buildings you can estimate maintenance backlogs and necessary upgrades. The information that the Norwegian health authorities have about their own buildings thanks to multiMap is unique both within Scandinavia and globally, says Christian Listerud, Multiconsult’s product manager for multiMap.

Key role in State of the Nation

The health authorities’ multiMap surveys played a key role in Multiconsult’s contribution to the report State of the Nation, which was launched at an industry conference in March.

– Multiconsult has provided descriptions and figures for public sector construction activities, as well as potential scenarios and recommendations. The State of the Nation report concludes that a large proportion of health service buildings, as well as municipal buildings and prisons, are in a bad state of repair. As a result, there is a huge maintenance backlog associated with these buildings, with an estimated cost of NOK 190 billion. In addition, multiMap provided inputs used to estimate the maintenance backlogs for municipal roads, says Anne Kathrine Larssen, who leads the Property Management section.

Useful information about multiMap

multiMap is a tool and methodology for surveying existing buildings and other physical structures (e.g. roads, cultural heritage, bridges, etc.). Survey results are used to inform strategic and tactical planning in relation to the development of the portfolio in question, as well as for monitoring and reporting changes in condition over time. The methodology can be used generically, and can be adapted to all kinds of structures. Learn more about multiMap at www.multiMap.no.