Sture, terminal, multiconsult

Sture Terminal | Photo: Øyvind Hagen, Statoil

Sture Terminal

Pre-engineering of new wet Gas Treatment Plant

Pre-engineering of a treatment plant for unstabilized oil from Oseberg.

The Pre-Engineering has been performed by Costain Oil Gas & Process (UK), Aker Maritime and Multiconsult, where Multiconsult where Multiconsult has been responsible for all Civil tasks in the project. The extension includes a new process area, rock caverns for storing of oil and LPG, pipe racks, modification of the product jetty and modification of the existing process site.

Our services

  • Localization of sites and preparation of new process site
  • Roads, bridges and culverts
  • Underground Pipe and cable routes
  • Foundations for towers,
  • Tanks, steel structures, pipe racks and for other process equipments.
  • Buildings in steel and concrete
  • Rock storage cavern for oil and LPG