Carbon capture and storage chain | Ill.: Statoil

Northern Lights – Location Study

CO2 capture and storage

Northern Lights is a new CO2 capture and storage project on the Norwegian continental shelf developed by Statoil and Gassnova. The project is a part of Norwegian authorities’ efforts to develop full-scale carbon capture and storage, and is a contribution to reduce carbon footprint and to achieve the global climate targets.

The CO2 shall be captured from several industrial sources, as the first in the world, transported by ships to an onshore terminal and further injected in a reservoir 1000-2000 meters below seabed via a pipeline.

Statoil awarded Multiconsult the contract for the location study for the CO2 onshore terminal.

Scope of work

The objective of the Northern Lights location study was to evaluate and find the best location at the western coast of Norway for a CO2 onshore terminal. The onshore terminal shall receive and store CO2. The CO2 shall be transported by ships to the onshore terminal and further injected in a reservoir below seabed via a pipeline.

The main emphasis of the study was to evaluate maritime and harbour conditions, civil layout, pipeline routing, infrastructure, authority handling and cost estimation.

In the location study, several potential locations were evaluated with the use of an established in-house screening method. The process was carried out through several phases and in close cooperation with the Client. The final result was presented in a thorough report, which the Client used as a basis for deciding the final location for the new plant.

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