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Veidnes Onshore Terminal

Metocean design basis

The Johan Castberg oil field is located in the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea and under planning by Statoil. Statoil has investigated the possibility of a stand-alone onshore oil terminal in northern Norway, bringing the oil from the Johan Castberg field to shore in a pipeline.

Multiconsult assisted Statoil with a concept study for the onshore terminal, including a location study, feasibility study (Class B) and concept study (Class C). The conclusion of the location study was to locate the terminal at Veidnes, Nordkapp.

A part of the concept study was for Multiconsult to identify the metocean design basis.

Scope of work

To identify the metocean design basis for the onshore terminal local measurements of the main environmental parameters were carried out by Multiconsult. The local measurements included wind, temperature, precipitation, ocean current, ocean temperature and waves. They were made with Multiconsult’s instruments.

The measurements were collated with existing data from nearby stations, and statistical methods were used to establish long time series representative for Veidnes. The time series were used to establish a design basis for the relevant parameters, in addition to derived parameters as windchill effect and marine icing. Multiconsult also carried out numerical modelling of waves, wind and snowdrift.

Our services

  • Measurements and analyses of meteorological environmental parameters
  • Analysis of existing metocean data
  • Statistical transformation of short local time series to representative long time series
  • Numerical modelling of waves (SWAN)
  • Numerical modelling of waves in the harbour basin and harbour resonance (CGWAVE)
  • Determination of design basis