Mongstad, piping, multiconsult


Mongstad | Photo: Rolf Birkeland, Multiconsult


Mongstad | Photo: Rolf Birkeland, Multiconsult


Pipeline project

The pipeline project included the replacement and upgrading of supply facility and the establishment of new power supply to the quays. The project included designing the routing of the supply lines for diesel, urea, methanol, water, storm water, oily wastewater, sanitary wastewater, intake and discharge lines, compressed air and bulk products. All supply lines were custom-designed to the supply crates, and all spillage were routed to a new treatment plant.

As part of the project a new infrastructure for power to the quays was established. Through the pipeline project a comprehensive survey, restructuring and adaptation of existing wiring, including replacement and upgrading of oil separators was performed. During the project execution there has been a need for sampling and mass exchange of the contaminated soils.

The pipeline project was executed during full operation on the plant, with approximately 2,300 boat and 16,000 trailer arrivals each year.

Scope of work

  • Establish basis for design including collection of existing data
  • Execution of concept and FEED phases including cost estimation of engineering and construction cost
  • Detailed engineering design, including appointment of civil contractor
  • Construction site supervision
  • HSE through design and construction
  • Mechanical completion and commissioning tests
  • As-built documentation

Our services

  • Engineering and consultancy services
  • Design of a new treatment plant for contaminated fluids
  • New building for waste water treatment plant
  • Design of new supply lines including required additional installations
  • New electro onshore cables
  • Diesel measurement stations