Jurong Rock Cavern

Multiconsult Asia

Multiconsult Asia Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary and fully-integrated part of the Multiconsult Group. The company was established in 2007 with the purpose of offering Multiconsult’s more than 40 years of Oil & Gas experience and more than 100 years of clean Energy services, to our customers in South East Asia.

We offers multidisciplinary consulting-, design-, engineering-, project monitoring-, verification-, commissioning-, inspection- and supervision services for the Oil & Gas market as well as for Infrastructure-, Buildings-, Industry-, Energy-, and Environment market. We have since 2006 as part of STM (SINTEF, Tritech and Multiconsult),  performed the Project Management for the Jurong Rock Caverns Oil storage project at Jurong Island, Singapore.

Engineering consultancy & technical advisory services

Multiconsult Asia offers its services to the Oil & Gas Upstream and Downstream sectors including Power Generation and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG-FLNG). We provide comprehensive consulting and technical advisory services to our valuable clients during different project phases. Our services cover entire asset lifecycle in relation to the Turbo Packages GTG Gas Turbines & Compressors Systems, Auxiliaries, Feasibility Studies, Engineering & Engineering revision, PMS – VMS, Procurement, FAT Assistance, Preservation, Installation, Commissioning Start-Up, Training and Handover.

Multiconsult Asia competence is based upon the highly experienced personnel who has track record profiles from major OEM suppliers such as GE Oil & Gas- Nuovo Pignone, CAT- Solar, Rolls Royce and Siemens, just to name a few.

Multiconsult Asia precisely focus on providing support services to Plant, Site Projects shipyards including documents revisions pertaining to OEMs supplied items, procurement support, technical advice to Shipyards for activities including FATs, Preservation, Installation, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of Turbo-packages, Gas turbines, Power Generators, Compressors and Auxiliaries at new or ongoing installations at the various onshore and offshore constructions as well as installation.

Since the start or even through any stage of a project, Multiconsult Asia is capable to depute its Competent Team at site to fully integrate with customer’s organization and systems to perform in accordance with the requirements.

Companies engaged in major turnkey projects from new build, modification, upgrade or conversion of vessels may not be sufficiently aware of the technical and contractual issues released by the variety of manufacturers and suppliers’ entities often encounter many technical and bureaucratic barriers for the installation and commissioning start-up. We encourage both our teams and our customers to see opportunities where other people see obstacles, and to break through barriers that others may be tempted to circumnavigate. Thus avoiding cost and minimised significant impact of major turnkey projects.

Competence and Expertise

Multiconsult has extensive experience from the oil and gas industry, working both onshore, at-shore and offshore, and on projects ranging from upstream to downstream. Our expertise has been developed in close cooperation with Norwegian and international oil and gas companies as well as with the supply industry.

More than 40- year track-record in the development of offshore structures for the oil and gas industry, for both fixed and floating Drilling-, and Production Units, enable us to offer services from early Studies, Design, Construction Follow Up, Commissioning, Inspection and Demolition related to:

  • Project Management
  • HSE Management
  • Topside Modules
  • Steel Structures
  • Living Quarters
  • Cold Climate Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Noise & Vibration
  • HVAC
  • EIT
  • Advanced Structural Analyses

In addition to above described services, we have since the 1970’s developed leading expertise in onshore and at-shore projects. Our unique experience is appreciated internationally and has resulted in major involvement in development of onshore plants in Russia and here in Singapore. Services are also offered for Landfalls, Pipelines, Terminals, Process-plants, Utility Systems, Marine Facilities, Storage and Export Facilities, and cover for these as well, the entire value chain from green field projects to modification of existing plant, to Demolitions.


Multiconsult Asia has achieved the BIZSAFE Level 3 certification.