Ambassador Tormod C. Endresen receives appreciation for his hospitality from STM represented by Finn Fagervik

Multiconsult 10 years in Singapore

Multiconsult as part of the STM Consortium (SINTEF-Tritech-Multiconsult) just celebrated 10 years of operation in Singapore.

17. February 2017

STM has since 2006 performed several high profiled underground projects in Singapore, and contributed to establish several other business relations between Singapore and Norway.

To recognize the success of STM, and its importance for the bilateral ties between Norway and Singapore, top management from clients and partners of STM were invited by the Norwegian Ambassador to Singapore, to a celebratory dinner at his residence.

Dr Cai expressed in his speech; “…It is with a combination of passion and honour that I on behalf of Tritech Group Limited attend this evening in celebration of STM Consortium’s 10th Anniversary.”

He expressed further; … During the 10 years, we not only established excellent working relationship, we established personal friendships as well. STM has delivered a lot of babies in Singapore. Among them, the most handsome are JRC for JTC, URC for JTC, and UDRS for PUB (still pregnant status).

We have chosen for our future cooperation to focus on underground space, and offshore oil&gas development for Singapore, through transfer of Norwegian technologies to Singapore. Finally, I express my sincere thanks, to Multiconsult and SINTEF for such a wonderful win-win collaboration…”

Jurong Rock Project

The JRC Project (Jurong Rock Caverns), a 1.5 mill m3 oil storage facility located 150m below the Banyan seabed at Jurong Island, have been in operation since April 2014. The Project will be completed in 2017, and has already won several national and international awards.

STM has as well performed a study of potential usages of underground space in Singapore, (R&D Facilities, Warehouses, Water Reclamation Plants, Water Reservoirs, Incineration Plants, Landfills, Power Stations, Airport Logistics, Data Centres), which later has formed part of the basis for Singapore’s underground masterplan.

STM is now performing a 2 years Feasibility Study on Underground Drainage and Reservoir System on behalf of the Public Utility Board (PUB) Singapore, which include Aboveground Storm Water Management, Underground Water Storage, Pumping Hydro Power, and Underground Aggregate facility.

As a result of being present in Singapore through the STM cooperation, Multiconsult established in 2013, a subsidiary in Singapore, Multiconsult Asia Pte Ltd for entering further into the South East Asia Oil & Gas marked.