Cities & Society

We live in a rapidly-changing society. Population growth, climate change, urban densification, digitalisation and internationalisation are all challenging established patterns of living and working, business and commerce, transport and mobility and international cooperation. Urban planning is one of the biggest global challenges of our time.
Kirsten Anker Sørensen appointed new Executive Vice President Architecture

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28. October 2019

Lørenskog is Norway’s most forward-looking urban municipality

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6. September 2019

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24. April 2019

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5. April 2019

Grethe Bergly appointed new CEO of Multiconsult ASA

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13. February 2019

Contract for area zoning plan at Norway’s biggest urban development project

Eidos Eiendomsutvikling AS has awarded the contract for the area zoning plan for the new fjordside…

6. February 2019

The Multiconsult Group has recognised this, and is investing a lot of resources in urban planning. This includes creating a new business area, Cities & Society, that brings together architects, engineers and social planners in an interdisciplinary team capable of solving the complex tasks that we face.

Towns are at the heart of the changes taking place in society, and some will find it easier than others to successfully adapt to the new times. Towns are reflections of land use policies that may be more or less conscious. In many cases, they have developed gradually over the course of the centuries. Many factors, including key transport routes, businesses, car use and commerce, have all helped to create the towns we see today. But how will they affect the towns of the future?

We will only be able to create towns that appeal to attractive businesses, while providing a framework for sustainable growth, if we understand the circumstances and forces that have shaped, and continue to shape, our towns. Multiconsult, including its wholly-owned subsidiaries LINK arkitektur and Analyse & Strategi, has the necessary breadth and depth of expertise to advise social planners – in both the public and private sectors – on the decisions that will affect our towns for decades to come.

The Multiconsult Group has extensive experience and leading expertise in all phases of social planning and development. We advise customers and facilitate good planning decisions by providing detailed analyses and proactive process support.

The main objectives of our new business area Cities & Society are:

  • For society: Studies at the national level
  • For regions: Land use and transport planning, analysis of business and commerce
  • For urban areas: Feasibility studies, analyses and transport solutions to promote sustainable urban development
  • For property owners: Strategies for value creation