E6 Frya-Sjoa. (Photo Knut Opeide)

Won “beautiful roads” award

The E6 highway between Frya and Sjoa in Gudbrandsdalen has been awarded the 2018 “beautiful roads” award. This prestigious award is handed out by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration every two years. The Multiconsult Group has been heavily involved in the project.

12. November 2018

There were 40 nominations for the award, with six roads and one train station getting through to the final.

“It’s nice that the E6 Frya–Vinstra project has won yet another prize – this time the architecture award for beautiful roads. Last year, it was voted civil engineering project of the year. We are very proud of what we succeeded in doing with the project, and this latest award shows that we achieved a great outcome that both our customer and travellers appreciate”, says Morten Alstad, EVP for Transportation.

He hastens to add that Multiconsult carried out this project in partnership with Johs Holt.

For a project to be nominated, it must be part of the public road network and involve roads, streets, bridges, tunnels or associated infrastructure. The award can be given to the whole project or to a particular part of it.

Multiconsult has been involved in the whole section of the E6 from Frya to Otta, but it was the sub-section Frya–Sjoa that won the beautiful roads award. Multiconsult produced the tender documents and detailed design drawings, and has provided consultancy services during the construction phase.

The work includes designing a new single carriageway road, tunnels and their portals, culverts, plant rooms, bridges, rest areas and several local roads.