Spillway | Photo: Anders Tørklep, Multiconsult

Visit from Liberias President

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia visited the Mount Coffee Hydro Power project.

13. December 2017

During the quarterly meeting of the project, the President came to visit to show her enthusiasm for the power plant, and for the job that has been done by engineers, donors and other contributors.

On behalf of the Liberian people, I would like to thank you for the rebuilding of the hydroelectric power plant and the new start for the Liberian energy sector, the President said in her speech to the assembly.

The Mount Coffee Power Station is Liberia’s largest power source, delivering clean, sustainable energy and represents an important contribution to the reconstruction of a country that has experienced major upheavals in recent times.

Multiconsult, together with Fitchtner, was assigned the role as Owner’s Engineer (Builder’s Representative) in the spring of 2013 in connection with the reconstruction of the hydroelectric power plant.

The Power Station was destroyed during the civil war in the 1990s and most had to be rebuilt. On December 15, 2016, the rehabilitation project reached its main milestone with the commissioning of the first turbine. The power plant will be completely completed in 2018.

Photo: The President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Met all the financial contributors

Attending the quarterly meeting included the various groups that have funded the project; Government of Norway, MCC (Millenium Challenge Corporation), KfW (German Government Development Bank), EIB (European Investment Bank) and Government of Liberia.

The representative of the Norwegian government was also full of praise for the project, claiming that this is one of the projects they are most proud to be a part of.

The other economic contributors shared this view, highlighting that they were pleased to contribute to Liberia’s sustainable development and the President’s commitment to the project.

Belief in the future

President Sirleaf also promised to follow up on Liberia’s promise of sustainability.

– Our city was quite dark, but now we see that many households have received light. Some of these have not had electric light in 20 years. This is an incredible development. We guarantee that we will continue the work that has been initiated by you, the President concluded her speech.