Unique solar farm in Mjøndalen

Norway’s largest solar farm with micro current inverters has been planned by Multiconsult on the roof of the Stadium Building in Mjøndalen. This technology ensures that shade only affects the shaded area.

20. November 2014

Power from the roof, which is half the price of normal electricity, goes directly to the distribution switchboard and is then used in the actual building.

The very day that panel installation was completed, plugs could be inserted in the sockets so that solar power became available during the actual development. Multiconsult has carried out the assignment for Vestaksen Eiendom AS, which is responsible for the project.

– We want to be the green neighbourhood in Mjøndalen, says Morten Hotvedt, the client’s project manager.

The roof installation covers 105 square metres and comprises 64 solar panels. Each of these 260-watt panels generates 230 volts, making this the largest Norwegian facility to employ the new technology.

Shade problem solved

The new micro-current-inverter solution used in the solar farm prevents shade affecting more than the area which is shaded. Despite being fairly new, this technology has experienced massive expansion in recent years.

– The location of the solar farm on the Stadium Building means it will be affected by some shading from the lighting pylons in the Mjøndalen stadium. Nevertheless, any resulting output loss has been wholly eliminated with the new technology. Each micro current inverter is connected to only two solar panels. That optimises output from each module, boosting power performance. The effect of shade, dirt and snow is reduced,  explains solar power adviser and project manager Stanislas Merlet at Multiconsult.

– We think it’s very important to enhance awareness of energy saving and the environment among developers, investors, contractors and housebuyers. Residents in the Stadium Building will have opportunities to check solar power generation on a screen in the entrance lobby, for example. This is a pilot project, and everyone involved has enhanced their expertise in an exciting technological field says, Hotvedt.