The Wisla, Odra and Pregola river basins

The Wisla, Odra and Pregola river basins project |Photo: reserved to Polskie LNG SA

The Wisla, Odra and Pregola river basins

Multiconsult Polska recently completed a project for the Main State Water Management Authority in Poland (KZGW).

16. February 2016

The project called for a strategic environmental assessment of flood risk management plans for the Wisla, Odra and Pregola river basins.

Krajowy Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej (KZGW)

KZGW is responsible for implementing EU Flood and Water Framework Directives in Poland as well as coordination of all associated projects. Flood Risk Management Plans are of great importance when it comes to the implementation of flood directives and, additionally, they facilitate the proper planning of flood protection measures at the national level.

The project

In this project, Multiconsult Polska was responsible for preparing a strategic environmental assessment (SEA). SEA reports are required by both Polish and EU laws to assess environmental consequences of implemented plans and programs.  Consequently, the SEA reports were developed for nine regional plans and combined into three river basins scale assessments. The reports ended up covering almost the entire territory of Poland. The procedure also included a public consultation process, as required by Polish Law, and additional meetings with interested parties.