The most attractive workplace – for the third year in a row

In Universum’s annual survey of technology and engineering students, Multiconsult consolidated its position as the most attractive company to work for in the industry. For the third year in a row it was the top consulting engineering firm, and it came in the top four overall when students were asked to name their dream employer.

15. May 2015

– We are both delighted and humbled by the confidence that students have in us. When you are voted the best company to work for in the industry three years in a row, you can no longer call it coincidence. It confirms that we both present ourselves in a credible way to students, and meet their expectations during their summer jobs and in graduate student projects, says Multiconsult’s CEO Christian Nørgaard Madsen.

High number of applications for summer jobs confirms popularity

This year, Multiconsult had a record number of applications for the summer jobs that it advertised. This was true both for traditional individual summer jobs and for the company’s popular summer programmes, which see several students working together on special summer projects. In total the company received almost 2,000 applications.

– I believe we benefit from the fact that our whole organisation takes the students seriously, and many of our teams cooperate to create relevant summer jobs and tasks for the students we want to attract. My experience is that Multiconsult offers summer jobs that students talk about afterwards, which prompts other students to apply for the chance to get similarly relevant experience through our programmes, says Madsen.

You have to earn your position as a dream employer

Although there has been a slight change recently in terms of employment opportunities for engineers, the best technology and engineering students know that they are sought after, and that they can, to a large extent, choose their first employer. In order to recruit the best talent, you therefore have to earn students’ interest.

– We have a clearly stated aim of becoming the market leader in our sector, and we can only achieve that if we recruit the most talented engineers. The young people we recruit today will be the bedrock of the company’s future success. It is important for us to create a platform where students who contact us really get the sense that we value them and take them seriously, and one that enables us to follow up good candidates. I believe that we are largely successful in this regard,” says Madsen.

Students and recent graduates are a MUST

Multiconsult’s programmes for students and recent graduates are branded under the umbrella name MUST – Multiconsult for students. The practical activities are led by a defined network of young employees at the company, who have a good understanding of what students and recent graduates want from a potential employer.

– MUST is a tangible testimony to Multiconsult’s efforts to develop long-term, dedicated programmes for younger target groups – on their own terms. Our work is strongly supported by the company’s management, and we work closely with the HR and communications departments. However, we also have the freedom to hone our messages and activities for a group with different needs than people who have been in work for many years. I think that students appreciate that, explains Jill Kristina Nordhus, who leads the MUST programme at Multiconsult.