Chief Digital Officer Herman Bjørn Smith and CEO Grethe Bergly


Björn Hansen, Head of IoT at Telia Division X.


Telia and Multiconsult cooperat to create smarter buildings and societies | Photo: Photorama/Pixabay

Telia and Multiconsult cooperate on smart buildings

Telia and Multiconsult will cooperate on smart building solutions to increase operational efficiency and sustainability, while providing digital services for building tenants and owners. The cooperation aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the building industry and enable smarter and more sustainable cities and communities in Norway.

22. March 2021

At a time when technology is one of the main drivers behind the ongoing transformation in the industry, the two companies will combine their expertise and work together to act on the transition to a more digital future. The collaboration will focus on the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) as starting point, with the goal of creating value for customers in a safe and future-proofed way.

“We focus on digital innovation not for the sake of technology, but for the value that new technical solutions can create. In recent years, smart technology has become central to the construction of new buildings, but we are only in a start-up phase when it comes to understanding how this will eventually affect buildings, infrastructure, cities and society”, says CEO Grethe Bergly of Multiconsult.

Future-proofed solutions

In the short term, the collaboration will focus on how sensory science, wireless technologies and other digital solutions can optimize resource utilization and the interaction with building users. These include indoor climate, lighting, and optimization of operations. In the long run, the ambition is to develop tomorrow’s interconnected environments and ecosystems in a more sustainable way.

“The building industry is at an important digital crossroads and needs to transform to meet the new demands emerging from increasing urbanization, environmental concerns and tenants’ increased demands for digital solutions”, says Björn Hansen, Head of IoT at Telia Division X.

“Together with Multiconsult, we will leverage each other’s strengths in industry expertise and technology to support our customers on their digitalization journeys and help create more livable cities”.

The value chain in the building industry is in the initial phase of a comprehensive transformation.

“It is crucial for us to find partners with whom we can challenge established truths and seek value creation in a holistic perspective”, says Herman Bjørn Smith, Chief Digital Officer at Multiconsult.

“Telia has proven to be a very forward-thinking and innovative player that has, among other things, invested heavily in IoT. We therefore complement each other in a very good way and will work actively to create synergy effects and value in the society together, as well as in collaboration with developers, amongst others”.

Telia is a leading telecom company in the Nordic region and has its own unit – Telia Division X – which works with digital innovation within the group.