Students choose Multiconsult

Multiconsult consolidates its position as the most attractive consultancy company to work for. This was shown by Universum’s annual survey of technology students. As in 2013, the company ranks top among consultancy companies and in the top four dream employers overall.

10. April 2014

On 10 April 2014, Universum presented the results of its annual survey on students’ dream employers. The list shows that Multiconsult is ranked top in the industry and in the top four overall.

“The young people we’re currently recruiting will ensure the company’s continued success going forwards. Our clear objective is to be number one in the industry, which means we have to be attractive as an employer. The Universum survey shows that we have prioritised the right things and that we’re getting our message across that young employees are a vital resource for the company,” explains Christian Nørgaard Madsen, CEO of Multiconsult.

Dream employer status has to be earned

Today’s technology students recognise that they are attractive prospects and that they can largely choose their first employer. If companies are to succeed in recruiting new talent, they must earn students’ consideration. An attractive employer must be aware of all the contact it has with students and student environments. Multiconsult understands this, both through its presence on campus, and by offering attractive summer jobs.

“We’ve invested a lot in making our summer jobs relevant and interesting. Consequently, we have also developed our own summer programme in which groups of students solve specific tasks for a real customer. The mass of applicants and feedback from past participants demonstrates that this is hitting the mark and is something that is spoken about afterwards,” Madsen explains.

Students and graduates are a must

“Naturally, graduates don’t have the same specialist knowledge and experience as our current employees, but they bring with them new and different ideas that challenge the established hubs in an incredibly positive way,” says Madsen.

Multiconsult’s student and graduate initiatives are combined in a separate brand name, Must – Multiconsult for students. This is managed by a defined network of young employees in the company who have good knowledge of what students and graduates want in their contact with a potential employer.

“MUST is a concrete result of Multiconsult desiring a long-term, special focus on young target groups, and on their terms. Our efforts are firmly anchored in the company’s management, but they also give us room to direct our message and activities towards a group that has different needs than those who have more work experience. I think students value this,” explains Heidi Stien, Head of Must at Multiconsult.