SINTEF Building and Infrastructure and Multiconsult enter into a cooperation agreement

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure and Multiconsult have worked on R&D projects together for many years, helping to build both companies’ levels of expertise. The common goal of both companies is to be leaders within their areas in Norway, and to have a presence in the international market. On 25 June 2013, the parties signed a cooperation agreement to strengthen the development of their own expertise, and thus their competitiveness.

26. June 2013

For Multiconsult, it is important to be able to develop specialist expertise based on research projects, and for SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, it is important to be close to the milieu using the research results.

– We believe that a partnership between SINTEF Building and Infrastructure and Multiconsult will support the development of both companies’ expertise and benefit the building, construction, and property industry. We are now formalising this by entering into a formal cooperation agreement, explain Executive Director of SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Hanne Rønneberg, and CEO of Multiconsult, Christian Nørgaard Madsen.

– A positive culture of innovation is promoted by cooperation between academia, research, and industry. SINTEF and SINTEF Building and Infrastructure have always been closely associated with NTNU and vice versa. Multiconsult has also cooperated closely with NTNU for many years. This is a good example of what is referred to as the Norwegian interaction diamond – a Norwegian phenomenon that we can also play on in international contexts, Rønneberg points out.

It is important to emphasise that the agreement in no way gives either party exclusivity. Both parties are mindful that this cooperation should be complementary to both parties, and should be used in contexts that can contribute both to development and boosting expertise.

The agreement will help to ensure the development of both parties’ expertise and subsequently their competitiveness. The intention of the agreement is for both parties to find more predictable and structured interaction that will help them to achieve better and more targeted results, stresses Nørgaard Madsen.

Multiconsult is a leading consultancy and project planning hub in Norway and the Nordic region. This broad expertise facilitates total responsibility for complex projects within oil and gas, construction and property, industry, transport, energy, and the environment.

SINTEF is one of the largest assignment research groups in Europe. SINTEF is an independent, not-for-profit business. Profits from the assignment research are invested in new research, scientific equipment, and expertise. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is one of the institutes of the SINTEF foundation and covers all specialisms servicing the construction, building, and property industry.