Second lecture at RTC

Olga Budarina of Multiconsult has given her second lecture at the high-profile Revit Technology Conference.

7. July 2016

The Revit Technology Conference (RTC) Australasia 2016 was held in the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney, from 12 to 14 May. The conference brought together over 400 participants for three days of parallel lectures by industry experts on BIM.

One of the speakers was Olga Budarina of Multiconsult, whose lecture “Coordinates: Play by Revit Rules or Ask for Trouble” was attended by more than 100 people.


One of the few female speakers

This is the second time that Olga has held a lecture at an RTC conference. The first time was in September last year at the RTC conference in Singapore. Olga was one of the very few female speakers at the conference.

“Although I’ve given a lecture at an RTC before, my excitement was still tempered with fear when I stepped onto the stage to face my audience. The conference is famous for attracting both good speakers and highly intelligent and knowledgeable participants. That makes it a challenge to prepare a good presentation on a topic that will engage your audience,” explains Olga.

Her lecture clearly went down well: since the conference Olga has received a lot of positive feedback.


An evolving conference

RTC Australasia is the oldest RTC, with this year being the 12th time that it was held. Equivalent conferences are held in North America, Europe and Asia, and Olga has noticed a change in the focus this year.

“Previously the conference was purely aimed at Revit users. This year, however, there were talks on a number of other tools like Archicad, Tekla, Dynamo and Grasshopper, and it appears that RTC Australasia is becoming more of a general conference covering all BIM tools regardless of who they are produced by,” she explains.