Rune Winther receives special award

In 2015, Rune Winther of Multiconsult won the prestigious prize “Årets ildsjel”, which goes to an engineer who has shown exceptional commitment. Winther received the prize at the autumn meeting of the Association of Consulting Engineers (RIF) on 10 November. He was awarded the prize for his passionate commitment to system safety and risk management.

20. January 2016

Winther set up and has led RIF’s RAMS group, and his willingness to share knowledge has been outstanding: across disciplines, between consulting firms and between clients and consultants.

RAMS stands for “Reliability”, “Availability”, “Maintainability” and “Safety”.

Winther has a PhD in mathematical statistics, and is a specialist in risk management and reliability analyses. He lectures on risk assessment at Østfold University College, and earlier this autumn he presented two papers at one of the safety industry’s most important conferences, the European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL), in Zürich. His wide-ranging experience covers consultancy in various industries and R&D work. He also has many years’ experience of working with RAMS, and is the senior specialist in system safety and risk management at Multiconsult.

Rune Winther works at Multiconsult’s department for Environmental and Specialist Consulting.

The “Årets ildsjel” award goes to a member of RIF who has made an exceptional effort to highlight the value of the expertise of consulting engineers and to generate interest in consulting engineering.