Reignard Tan.

Reignard Tan finishes a PhD on concrete structures

At the end of May, Reignard Tan defended his thesis on calculations related to cracking of large-scale concrete structures at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

27. June 2019

“My research has mainly focused on improving calculation methods for predicting crack widths on large-scale concrete structures, such as transport infrastructure, dams and oil and gas installations. The ability to predict crack widths is in general important to ensure the structure’s service life, functionality and aesthetic appearance”, says Reignard Tan, who works as an engineer at Multiconsult.

His research is part of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s research project, The Coastal Highway Route E39, at which several large-scale concrete structures are planned for.

“The offshore engineering experts at Multiconsult, who have several decades’ of experience in designing concrete structures, have provided valuable input to my work. That helped form the main objectives set out in this PhD study at which we in particular had a specific focus on using the research findings for practical application. Efforts are now being made to implement the calculation methods developed as design basis for the concrete structures being planned for the Coastal Highway Route E39”, says Reignard.

He says that his work has generated interest from a variety of groups, both in Norway and overseas.

“Reignard has shown great commitment during the work on his PhD. As a result, he has increased our understanding of calculations for large-scale concrete structures, which will be useful in a variety of Multiconsult’s projects. Reignard’s knowledge will be important to many of our offshore and transportation projects”, explains Kjetil Slåttedalen, a Section Manager at Multiconsult.