Curved brigde over E39 Bjørnafjorden

Recommends curved floating bridge

Since November 2018, two advisory groups have been exploring the best solution for a floating brigde over E39 Bjørnafjorden. Both groups recommends a curved floating bridge.

1. October 2019

– Both advisory groups recommend the same variant of floating bridge, which is a curved bridge that is mounted on each side of the fjord and is equipped with anchorage point. Anchor lines provide significant benefits. The two groups have proposed slightly different solutions for the anchoring systems and their placement. This will be considered in the next phase, says Chief Engineer in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Øyvind Kongsvik Nedrebø, who has led the work.

The planned floating bridge could become five kilometers long, and will cross the 550 meter deep Bjørnafjord. Two project groups have explored four alternatives. Aas-Jakobsen, Cowi, Multiconsult with Johs.Holt constitute the one grouping, AMC. The most important criteria for the work have been construction safety, functionality, cost and aesthetics.

Read more about the project at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.