Lake Victoria, the source of the water supply scheme | Photo: Jørn Stave, Multiconsult


The water mains will be placed along the main road | Photo: Google Earth

Simiyu Water Supply Project

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation is planning to construct a water supply scheme in Simiyu region, Tanzania, from Lake Victoria to the districts of Busega, Maswa, Bariadi, Meatu and Itilima. The project will be financed and built in two phases and is planned to eventually cover about 20 % of Simiyu’s total area including the five district centres and about 250 villages with up to 55% of the region’s total population. Phase 1 will bring piped water to the towns of Bariadi and Lagangabilili as well as to villages located up to a distance of 12 km from the water supply mains.

The project includes a raw water intake in Lake Victoria, a water treatment plant (with design capacity of 19,000 m3/day), a command reservoir, primary reservoirs / water tanks, pumping stations, and 135 km of water mains.

Scope of work

Multiconsult prepared a full Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) for Phase 1 of the Simiyu project. The ESIA covered all relevant disciplines and themes, including water resources, land use, flora and fauna, livelihoods, settlement patterns, tourism, and cultural heritage, as well as a comprehensive public consultation campaign. The ESIA report was used to obtain an environmental permit and to secure international financing.

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