Soroti Installation from GET FiT Uganda | Photo: Multiconsult


Tororo Installation from GET FiT Uganda | Photo: Building Energy

GET FiT Zambia – Tender Agent

Tender Agent for 100MW of Solar PV

Multiconsult was hired to design and implement the entire tender process with a target of 100MWs of grid-connected solar PV.

As a prelude to the Implementation consultant role for the GET FiT Zambia program, the tender agent was procured to initiate the tender process, filter through all interested IPPs and recommend the most suitable projects. The appraisals include an analysis of the technical solution for both the plant and its integration into the national grid, an analysis of the plants compliance with E&S regulations and an overall ranking based on quality and cost.

Scope of work

Multiconsult ran a two phase tender, performed the project appraisals and made recommendations to the investment committee on recommended projects.

On a more granular level, Multiconsult was responsible for:

  • Complete tender design and documentation
  • Communication with the industry and then shortlisted bidders
  • Conducted evaluations, appraisals and bankability assessments
  • Facilitated of the investment committee decisions
  • Provided contract-signing support

Furthermore, our services also involved working closely with ZESCO and KFW staff regarding the opportunities and constraints of integrating grid-connected solar in various locations in the country – so as to identify both priority and no-go areas.

Our services

  • Complete design and implementation of the tender
  • Interaction with Government stakeholders, ZESCO and private investors
  • Participation in discussions regarding transaction documents, overall approach, procurement procedures, etc
  • Advisory on matters related to integration of eventual solar projects