New Managing Director of LINK arkitektur AS

Leif Øie (49) has been hired as the new Managing Director of LINK arkitektur AS. He formally took up his duties on 1 January 2016.

20. January 2016

Leif Øie was previously Managing Director at Erichsen & Horgen AS, and he has worked in the construction industry for the past 25 years. He also has a PhD in indoor environments.

“We have been looking for a leader who will be able to unite and inspire us, with the courage and ability to think big and create an architectural firm that everyone admires and wants to work for. I believe that we have found that person in Leif Øie,” says Trond Dahle, the Chair of LINK arkitektur AS.

Leading firm in Scandinavia

Architecture and design are at the heart of the company’s activities, and the Board has taken the time needed to find someone who can further raise the company’s profile and reinforce its position as one of the leading firms in Scandinavia.

“Leif Øie has a long and strong track record in the construction industry, and many years’ experience from leading knowledge-intensive organisations. Nevertheless, it was primarily his leadership qualities that made him such a strong candidate. We are confident that Leif Øie will be a good Managing Director for LINK arkitektur,” says Dahle.

Setting industry standards

The new head of LINK arkitektur has experience of inter-disciplinary and integrated consultancy. He has a background in consulting during concept design phase, where architecture and a holistic approach are vital to giving customers and users the product they want and need.

“I am looking forward to getting to grips with the exciting challenges that come with this position. Together with the Board, management team and employees, I will do my utmost to develop LINK arkitektur into an architectural firm that sets industry standards,” says Leif Øie.

New energy and focus

Rolf Maurseth, the company’s acting Managing Director since February 2015, also warmly welcomes the arrival of Leif Øie.

“I am looking forward to working with Leif Øie over the coming years, and I can see that he will bring a new energy and focus to the firm.

“I can now focus on my work as the company’s Marketing Director, confident in the knowledge that the overall leadership of the company is in safe hands.”

Ready for future challenges

On 15 September 2015, Multiconsult ASA took control of all of the shares in LINK arkitektur. Under new ownership and with a new leader, the company is prepared for any challenges that the future holds, and is ready to play a leading role in developing architecture in Scandinavia.

In June the Board of LINK arkitektur started the process of finding a new Managing Director for the company.

Leif Øie:

Leif Øie, who is 49 years old, graduated as an engineer from NTH in 1989 and gained a PhD in engineering in 1998. Before joining Multiconsult, Leif Øie was Managing Director at Erichsen & Horgen AS, where he worked for around five years. Prior to that, he led one of Norconsult AS’s divisions for eight years. He also held various management positions at Techno Consult AS, which was acquired by Norconsult AS in 2003.