Multiconsult will develop arctic competence catalogue

Multiconsult has been awarded a contract with Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) covering development of an “Arctic Competence Catalogue”.

10. January 2017

NORWEP is the result of INTSOK (Oil and Gas) and INTPOW (Renewable Energy) coming together as one entity. NORWEP is a network-based organization where the partners exchange experience and knowledge of market developments internationally. The organization encourages active dialogue between operators and owners, technology suppliers, service companies and governments.

Interesting for regions with arctic climate

The Norwegian Government supports NORWEP’s initiatives, and the industry and the government finance the activities jointly.

– Arctic technology applications is interesting for those oil and gas regions of the world defined as “arctic” climate, including, but not limited to Caspian Sea, Russia, Canada, Alaska and the Barents Sea area. Services and products offered by close to 200 Norwegian players will be included in the catalogue, says Petter Sundquist, Project Manager from Multiconsult.

Catalogue will benefit suppliers and end-users

The knowledge and experience base within the topic of arctic technology is strong across the Norwegian Oil and Gas cluster.

Demand is growing as the industry is moving into these new frontiers. Multiconsult will, on behalf of NORWEP, lead a project resulting in a bespoke competence catalogue, built on modern database technology. This will benefit the suppliers and the end-users alike. We are excited to work closely with NORWEP management to realize this important and exciting project, says Christian Nerland, Business Area Leader Oil and Gas of Multiconsult.