Multiconsult won OSCAR

The Research Council of Norway has given approval to the research and development project “OSCAR - Value for property owners and users - what is required in the early phase and implementation process?”

27. February 2014

Multiconsult is the initiator of the project and involves a number of players from the industry. Partners include owners/developers, architects, consultants, and contractors, as well as NTNU, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, and the Norwegian Construction and Property Association. The project will run over four years, with an initial budget of approximately NOK 15 million for the period 2014-2017.

Svein Bjørberg, who is the driving force behind the application, explains that the background to the project is a recognition that there is a clear connection between how we design and operate our industrial and commercial buildings, and the values produced by the business which owns and uses these areas.

The purpose of the project is to develop knowledge, methods, and analysis tools that facilitate the optimisation of building design. This is to enable the building to create value for its owners and users over its lifetime. The goal is to achieve sustainable buildings which work effectively to fulfil their purpose over time with minimal resource usage. Achieving this depends on competent players among owners, users, architects, consultants, and contractors, who have effective tools to support decisions and who can communication this in projects and processes.

Consequently, the core of the project is finding answers to questions such as:

What knowledge is required about the building in use?

How can this be implemented in early phase planning, and how can it be ensured that the intentions and ambitions are taken into consideration during planning, project planning, construction, commissioning, and operation?

How can different implementation models support the creation of value for owners and users?

– We are seeing maturation in the market, with increased demand from tenants, developers, and investors for adaptable, green, and sustainable buildings, says Anne Kathrine Larssen, Section Manager for Property Management/MSR Oslo.

Consequently, for Multiconsult the importance also lies in building up the expertise that makes us number one in this area. The R&D project will involve several of Multiconsult’s specialism centres.

Fun fact: for those wondering where the title of the project comes from:

“A fool is a man who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing”
– Oscar Wilde