Multiconsult Sustainability Report 2020

The Multiconsult group’s competence and commitment within sustainability was strengthened in 2020. The Sustainability Report shows how the subsidiaries’ sustainability work is carried out through their own operations, through the projects they are involved in as well as their contribution to society.

26. March 2021

The 17 UN Sustainability Goals and the national obligations under the Paris Agreement govern the sustainability work throughout the group’s subsidiaries. Overall, this work is conducted along three axes:

  • directly through own operations
  • indirectly through projects
  • indirectly through contribution to society

Every ton counts

Multiconsult must deliver on sustainability in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the customers and society as a whole. Multiconsult will become climate neutral by 2030 or earlier. The work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has already begun. At the same time the foundations for the group to gain an overview of the CO2 footprint of the project portfolio of the group by 2025, is being laid.

– We are already well positioned to participate in exciting projects that will reduce our own and our clients’ CO2 emissions and negative impact on nature and society. Every tonne of CO2 emission avoided counts. To the planet, and to us, says CEO Grethe Bergly.

Analysis of the impact on UN Sustainability goals

Prior to this year’s report, an analysis of Multiconsult Norge AS’s project portfolio was carried out. The purpose was to map which of the UN’s sustainability goals Multiconsult is able to make an impact on through the projects.

The analysis showed that there are three sustainability goals Multiconsult is intervening with in particular; Sustainability goals 13 «Stopping Climate Change», 11 «Sustainable Cities and Communities» and 9 «Industry, innovation and infrastructure».

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