Grethe Bergly, EVP Greater Oslo Area, signed the agreement with Bane NOR's CEO, Gorm Frimannslund

Multiconsult signs new framework agreement with Bane NOR SF

The framework agreement covers investigations, development plans and technical master plans. The agreement, which runs for four years, replaces the existing agreement covering the same areas.

19. September 2017

“The award was based partly on Multiconsult possessing very strong, relevant expertise, as well as the fact that our skills matrix shows that we are a very robust organisation. The agreement is very important to our future involvement in various phases of railway projects,” says Håkon Bratlien, who is responsible for the framework agreement. Multiconsult will be supported by Analyse & Strategi and LINK arkitektur. ProRail AS is the subcontractor for signalling services, while Rejlers is responsible for capacity planning, logistics and electrical engineering. Scansurvey and Terratec will provide geodata services, and Movement Strategies will analyse passenger flows. The agreement can be extended by up to 2 + 2 years, so the maximum potential duration is eight years.

Signing agreements with 10 consulting firms

The contract templates for the individual call-offs are based on Bane NOR’s versions of NS 8401/02. There are four different contract models: time basis; time basis plus incentive; time basis with a price ceiling; and fixed price. “After the completion of Bane NOR’s restructuring on 1 January this year, the company hasn’t been very active in the market. However, they’re now really making a statement of intent, by signing agreements with ten different consulting firms. Looking to the future, this is very promising for investment in rail infrastructure,” says Bratlien. The companies that signed on Friday 7 July are Asplan Viak, Cowi, Multiconsult, Niras, Norconsult, Rambøll, Sito, Sweco, Tyrens and ÅF Consult.