Multiconsult sells brandname Norplan

Multiconsult and Asplan Viak have agreed that as of 1 January 2017 Asplan Viak will take over all of the shares in Norplan AS.

6. January 2017

Norplan AS was established in 1971 as a partnership for the implementation of international projects. Since then, it has been an international brand name for Norway’s leading planners, architects and engineers.

Between 2003 and 2015, Multiconsult marketed its services for international renewable energy projects under the Norplan AS umbrella, while all other international services were marketed using the Multiconsult brand. This has created confusion over Multiconsult’s identity and its position in the international market. In order to strengthen the Multiconsult brand internationally, in 2015 we decided to market all of our international services under the name Multiconsult.

Multiconsult is experiencing significant growth in its international operations, and in recent years we have established several overseas subsidiaries. Since 2015 all of our international services have been marketed under the Multiconsult brand. We feel that Multiconsult is now a well-established international brand name, and we want to concentrate on developing it as we continue to grow internationally, says Multiconsult’s CEO Christian Nørgaard Madsen.

To allow both Multiconsult and Asplan Viak to market themselves in a clear and consistent way to all of their international customers, the companies have decided that ownership of Norplan should be transferred to just one company.

Under Multiconsult’s agreement with Asplan Viak, ongoing contracts signed by “Norplan on behalf of Multiconsult” will run until they are completed.

For the moment, our part-owned subsidiary Norplan Tanzania will continue operating under that name.