Multiconsult expands to Poland

Multiconsult strengthens its international operations and sets up a subsidiary in Poland. The company will initially consist of 80 highly skilled consultants with specialist expertise in the market areas of transport, and oil and gas. This establishment is a new step in facilitating Multiconsult’s ambitious strategy.

18. August 2014

Multiconsult acquires Atkin’s Polish subsidiary. The new company will be called Multiconsult Polska and will be operational from 15 September 2014.

The company will initially consist of 80 highly qualified consultants within the market areas of transport, construction, environment, and oil and gas, although there are clear plans to expand the company further.

“Our new employees in Poland are incredibly talented consultants who have delivered some excellent results during their time in the Polish market. The subsidiary will continue its operations in Poland, but is also an integrated part of our overall specialist milieu. Consequently, our new employees will become an important part of Multiconsult’s further growth initiatives with regard to transport, and oil and gas – both nationally and internationally,” explains Christian Nørgaard Madsen, CEO of Multiconsult.

Multiconsult sees huge potential in the new hub in Poland. There is a well-established hub with a solid project portfolio and long-lasting customer relationships. The company’s expertise is complemented by the Norwegian specialism hubs. This will be maximised to establish close cooperation between the different centres and achieve a greater level of competitiveness to win further market share in both the Norwegian and Polish markets.