Skøyen station | Illustration: The Fornebu Line

Multiconsult is designing the Fornebu Line

Multiconsult and Cowi have signed a Joint Venture agreement for the design of the Fornebu Line. This is one of the biggest and most challenging transport projects to be undertaken in Norway in recent years, and it will play a big role in the future development of Norway’s capital city Oslo. The parties signed the contract on 12 September 2017.

19. September 2017

The contract is a three-year framework agreement, which can be extended to up to ten years. The value of the agreement is several hundred million Norwegian kroner.

“We are incredibly pleased to have won this contract. This is a highly prestigious project from a technical point of view, and one that will play a big role in the future development of Oslo. Urban development is high on our strategic agenda. The Multiconsult Group, including LINK arkitektur, will therefore give high priority to the Fornebu Line project over the coming years. Now we are just looking forward to getting started,” says Multiconsult’s CEO Christian Nørgaard Madsen.

The Fornebu Line is being developed jointly by Akershus County Council and the City of Oslo. The plan is to build a completely new metro line from Fornebu to Oslo, with an interchange with the existing network at Majorstuen station. The new line, which will be over eight kilometres long, will play a key role in coping with the region’s future population growth. The Fornebu area has been slated for thousands of new homes – as well as new businesses.

In addition to designing a new metro line from Fornebu to Oslo including the associated infrastructure, the contract also covers station areas and linking up to the existing metro network at Majorstuen station.

Multiconsult and Cowi are experts in urban development, infrastructure, underground structures and transport engineering, thanks to their extensive experience from projects in the local region, across Norway and overseas.

“We have the technical expertise and the experience – and of course good memories from working together on the InterCity project on the Østfold Line. So I believe that together we’re highly qualified to tackle the challenges involved in designing the Fornebu Line,” says Madsen.

About the Fornebu Line

  • The Fornebu Line is the biggest metro project undertaken in recent years in Oslo and Akershus.
  • The line will be 8.2 km long, running from the centre of Fornebu to Majorstuen. Approximately 5.6 km of the line is in Oslo.
  • Six new stations are to be built: In Oslo, new stations are planned at Vækerø and Skøyen. In Bærum, the plan is to have one new station in the Koksa area, between Snarøyveien and Rolfsbukta, one at Telenor’s head office (accessible from both sides of Snarøyveien) and one serving the Telenor Arena (accessible from both sides of Oksenøyveien). There will also be a station at Lysaker.
  • The journey time will be approximately 12 minutes from Fornebu to Majorstuen.

The line will run through an underground tunnel.