Ann-Kristin Ytreberg from the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation, Acting CEO Lars Opsahl and Guri Lindmark, CSR and Environmental Manager.



Multiconsult has been named “Eco-Lighthouse of the Year 2018” in Norway | Photo: Hampus-Lundgren


Acting CEO of Multiconsult, Lars Opsahl | Photo: Christer Sørbø

Multiconsult awarded environmental prize

Multiconsult has been named “Eco-Lighthouse of the Year 2018” for its trailblazing work on integrating sustainability into the initial phase of projects. Multidisciplinary consultancy services are vital to achieve sustainable solutions in the construction business and property management, the industries where Multiconsult operates.

17. January 2019

The Eco-Lighthouse scheme is a respected and effective tool for environmental certification and management. Almost 80 companies were nominated for this year’s “Eco-Lighthouse of the Year”. Multiconsult come out on top in the class for enterprises and large companies.

“Multiconsult has shown itself to be innovative by integrating environmental considerations and health and safety into its projects. The company’s aim to always be environmental friendly means that consultants and project managers have the expertise needed to ensure that their projects incorporate the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions possible”, says Ann-Kristin Ytreberg, the Managing Director of the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation.

Multiconsult has held Eco-Lighthouse certification right since 2013. This means that all offices with more than five employees are certified. The company also applies the new set of environmental criteria for consulting engineers and architects in its projects.

“It is a great honour to be named Eco-Lighthouse of the Year, and I would like to thank our staff for working hard each day to put sustainability on the agenda, both within the company and through our customers’ projects. Multiconsult has many highly qualified and respected consultants working in this field, which enables us to come up with sustainable, green solutions that it is possible to implement. Winning this kind of prize inspires us to continue the good work and to build on what we have already achieved”, says Acting CEO Lars Opsahl of Multiconsult.

Important in the construction industry
“Within the construction and property management industry, consulting engineers make a big difference to how green and climate friendly projects can become. The foundation for the sustainability of buildings and infrastructure are usually decided during the initial design phase”, says Opsahl.

The sustainability of buildings and infrastructure refers to all environmental aspects of the project, but also to health and safety. This covers design and engineering, choice of materials, energy systems and waste management. The planning phase is also when you can help to minimise the climate footprint of the finished building or piece of infrastructure when in operation.

The Eco-Lighthouse Foundation congratulates Multiconsult on its trailblazing efforts in an industry where there still is room for improvement in terms of achieving sustainability. Those efforts make it a worthy winner of the prize “Eco-Lighthouse of the Year 2018 –corporations and large companies”.


The reasons why the prize was awarded to Multiconsult:

  • The company receives good reports from the certification body for its systems, documentation and compliance with environmental criteria.
  • Multiconsult takes a clear, systematic approach to health, safety and environment
  • Issues in all of its projects, and the company helps to minimise the climate footprint of on-site construction work, as well as of the transport of materials to and from the site.
  • Multiconsult also helps to ensure that clients make informed choices about sustainable materials, that health and safety are priorities on site and that the finished building or infrastructure is as energy efficient and green as possible in operation.
  • During 2018, the company renewed the certification of all of its 19 offices throughout Norway based on the Eco-Lighthouse certification criteria for consulting engineers and architects. These criteria are important for raising the general standards of all construction projects.

Facts about the Eco-Ligthouse scheme:

  • The Eco-Lighthouse scheme is Norway’s largest environmental certification system, covering over 5,800 certified enterprises in the public and private sectors.
  • Eco-Lighthouse certification is recognised by the authorities for the purposes of public purchasing, and is approved as environmental documentation for tenders.
  • Eco-Lighthouse is the first national scheme in Europe to be recognised by the EU.
  • Three prizes were awarded for 2018:
    o Eco-Lighthouse of the Year 2018 (small and medium-sized enterprises): Transport-Formidlingen SA
    o Eco-Lighthouse of the Year 2018 (groups and large enterprises): Multiconsult Norge AS
    o Inspiration Enterprise of the Year 2018: Støtvig Hotel
    o The members of the jury were: Ann-Kristin Ytreberg (Managing Director, Eco-Lighthouse Foundation), Linn Grøtberg (Director of Marking and Communication, Eco-Lighthouse Foundation), Chair Are Tomasgard (Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions) and Deputy Chair Camilla Gramstad (VIRKE, the Enterprise Federation of Norway).