Multiconsult at the 2015 fib Symposium in Copenhagen

Morten Engen from the marine structures section in Multiconsult is attending the fib Symposium in order to present selected results from his industrial PhD project.

23. April 2015

The fib Symposium, which is being held in Copenhagen over the period 18-20 May, gathers researchers and other people interested in concrete structures. It plays a key role in stimulating research and promoting the use and development of concrete.

– Attending the fib Symposium is very useful, partly because you learn a lot about recent innovations in the industry. But the event is also a good place to share and discuss ideas with experts from all over the world, and to discuss the latest developments, says Morten Engen.

Numerical modelling of large concrete structures

The PhD project is looking at how non-linear finite element analysis can be used in the design of large concrete structures. The key questions are how concrete should be modelled at the material level, and how to determine overall structural reliability. The first part of the PhD project looked at material modelling and compared the results of analyses using two different models.

An engineering approach gives the lowest uncertainty

In Copenhagen, detailed results from one example from the first part of the project will be presented. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two material models will also be discussed. The argument will also be made that an engineering approach can give the lowest uncertainty when estimating the breaking load of relatively large elements. The complete results will be published in fib Structural Concrete, most likely in September 2015.